Backpacking On A Budget: Top Tips & Tricks To Help you Travel For Longer

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So after 18 months of continuous travelling, I like to think we have become experts(ish) on backpacking on a budget. When Joe and I left England, back in August 2015 we had just £5000 between us. Much to our surprise … Read More

2016: A Year On The Road – What I Have Learnt

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For many people politically, globally and musically 2016 has been a shocker. Starting with the loss of Bowie, followed by the English Brexit, the election of President Donald Trump and ending with the death of George, with a whole heap … Read More

Travelling Australia On a Budget – Travel Tips To Help You On Your Oz Experience

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  As we have said before, and as you no doubt know yourself,  Australia is not exactly a budget country to travel in. In all honesty, early on in our road trip especially, we spent too much, way too much. … Read More

#14 Slightly Unpleasant Truths About Road Tripping Outback Australia

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So there are a lot of wonderful things about road tripping Outback Australia, but there also some pretty unpleasant realities you need to be prepared for. 1. You will be sweaty. Literally all the time. You will go to sleep sweaty, you … Read More

How To Travel Australia with No Money: Our 5 Top Tips

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Oz is an expensive country to travel in, there is no way round it I’m afraid, you’re going to have to spend some dollar to see the place. That being said it is 100% possible to arrive in Australia with no money … Read More

Our Travel Story

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We are Joe and Hannah. An English couple with a passion for food, culture, terrible dancing and adventures. Ever since a 10 week stint in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia back in 2013, we had talked, fantasied and obsessed about doing a … Read More

5 Travel Tips and Tricks To Save You Money And Hassle

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  We could write a list of tips as long as an Orangutan’s arm, but a lot of things you will enjoy learning along the way, it’s all part of the journey. This is a list of the 5 things that we … Read More